Medicine - In Those Days  


Paul Ehrlich, Marie Curie, Rudolf Virchow - these
are just a few well-known names who, together with
many other great researchers, made groundbreaking
discoveries for medicine.



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Medicine - Today

Today, thanks to high-tech, it is even easier to analyse and understand processes in the human body. Thanks to intensive research and outstanding scientists, groundbreaking and fascinating insights and discoveries are also constantly being made.

Medicine in pictures

Images have always illustrated almost all areas of medicine. From historical drawings, x-rays and medical photography to MRT images - a great number of things have always been shown, explained and communicated by visual means.

Medicine and ullstein bild

Whether reproductions, illustrations or photos - ullstein bild supplies impressive motifs as well as historical documents from the fields of medicine, research and science.

Our collections are complemented by premium partner images from our parntners such as BSIP, Granger Collection, Roger Viollet, Science & Society Picture Library (NMSI Science Museum) and others.

From the beginnings of medicine to the OP robot with ullstein bild